Market Opportunity

Consumers today are concerned about the quality of the products and services they consume more than ever before. For Muslim consumers it’s extremely important that the goods and services they consume adhere to strict halal requirements as outlined here.

Halal products have become mainstream in the marketplace, evidenced by large multi-national companies like McDonald’s, Nestle, and Carrefour continually expanding their halal footprint globally. The halal market is an estimated $2 trillion USD and growing, comprising nearly one quarter of the total global food industry. There are over 2 Billion Muslims worldwide, almost all of whom adhere to halal dietary and lifestyle requirements.

In North America and Europe the Muslim population is very highly educated and commands strong purchasing power due to rising per-household incomes. In nations like Canada, the USA, Germany, and the UK, even non-Muslim consumers have embraced and sought out halal products like meats and agro-foods as these goods are considered to be of the highest quality and ethically produced.

In fact many small-to-medium size halal abattoirs supply organic, natural, and environmentally friendly products to their communities which encourage growth in regional markets. Large retailers like Walmart, Loblaws, and Sobeys already stock their shelves with halal certified products – don’t get left behind!

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